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Aside from the common things like loading up on fruits and veggies, as well as getting eight hours of sleep and drinking water, here are some ways by which we can cure acne naturally:

Add baking soda to your cleanser at least three times a week, especially of you have oily skin. This will absorb all the oil, remove the blackheads and whiteheads, and before you know it, you are pimple-free. Another good natural cure is sugar-two tablespoons of brown sugar and a single tablespoon of white sugar, slightly wet, can be rubbed into the face and acne can actually be cured.

When you are making a salad and if you wash your lettuce leaves in water, donít throw away the excess water-keep it. This water can be put on your face and can also be a natural cure for acne. Since lettuce is a very healthy vegetable, this can easily beautify your skin. Aloe vera is also found to have good effects on acne. Most soaps contain this plant, but the natural cure is more powerful. It may sting a bit, but the stinging part also means that the aloe vera is working.

Yogurt, mixed with oatmeal, is not only a good source of immune system boosters, but also good for the skin. When mixed in the right amounts, this is a natural instant face mask. It also smells delicious so itís okay to leave it on your after it dries up. After washing it off, a toner or moisturized may be applied too.

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