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Acne Medicine: A Look At Laser Acne Treatments

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Acne sufferers deal with much more than redness, swelling and discomfort. Any of these symptoms, alone, would be enough to handle, but individuals with acne also have to deal with the possibility of scarring. This is where laser acne treatments are often employed. These procedures, which are performed by a licensed medical professional, are designed to smooth, remove abnormal coloring or flatten a scar.

Not only are laser acne treatments used to treat scars, but they are also being used to treat the actual occurrence of acne itself. Where cream and lotion treatments do not work, researches have been forced to find another way to treat an ailment that affects individuals of all ages. With laser acne treatments that last for approximately 10 minutes each, patients rarely feel any pain and are not believed to suffer any serious side effects.

Many physicians believe that treating active acne with laser acne treatments will help to reduce the current flair up, but may also be beneficial in preventing scarring at the same time. It is important that patients realize laser acne treatments do not provide a cure for acne, but rather a treatment. Physicians continue to debate it's ability to treat live acne, but none dispute the need to help rid patients of acne altogether. In addition to being uncomfortable, the presence of acne and the scarring that it sometimes leaves behind may result in a lifetime of self-consciousness.

Laser acne treatments are not often recommended for individuals with mild cases of acne, but rather for those who suffer from severe cases that are not responsive to conventional medicines. Before speaking with a physician regarding laser acne treatments, sufferers may want to consider alternate treatment methods. One reason is because laser acne treatments can be very expensive and should only be used in necessary cases. Most professionals will agree that it will take multiple laser acne treatments before the patient may possibly see any results, which can quickly add up to a large debt. Most insurance companies aren't willing to pay for acne treatments, as it is often viewed as a cosmetic procedure and one that is not medically necessary. For instance, laser acne treatments may not be for an individual who suffers from occasional acne or that which is random and sporadic. Those who suffer daily with constant redness, swelling, pain and embarrassment are possibly better candidates for this type of treatment.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice regarding laser acne treatments. Prior to beginning any treatment regimen, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor or dermatologist for advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual situation.

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