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Acne Free in 3 Days is an ebook written by Chris Gibson ( Chris also published a hardcover book with the same title in 2007). The ebook starts with Chris Gibson own acne story then he explain in details how you can get rid of acne in only a few days by strictly following his own diet.

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In order to give you a real and honest review of this ebook and help you decide if it is worth your money or not and, probably the most important, if this ebook will fix your acne problem or not, I have searched for Actual Users reviews, comments and complaints. Here are the most relevant:

I tried Chris's method. After two days of detoxing with his method, my girlfriend was amazed on how well my skin had cleared. She told me that my skin is shining so much that I don't need lights in the room anymore. I'm sure we can all forgive her for her bad humour, but it just goes on saying that his methods work.
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I tried it ...what you do is not eat at all for 3 days and if you have too only apples....he claims that the enzymes from your stomach will go into your bloodsteam when you donít eat and clear out the toxins ....It worked ok for me ...cleared me 50 percent and i lost 9 lbs ....
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I purchased online the book Acne Free in 3 Days. I purchased the book for my young son. After receiving the book, I found it to involved for him. As per Chris Gibson I could return it in 90 days. I contacted Mr. Gibson and downloaded the form and questionnaire he requested for the refund. This was mailed the end of November. After repeated emails to Mr. Gibson, Everytime giving him all the info he requested I hear or receive nothing.
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Chris Gibson's book helped to improve the condition of my skin. His book made me realize how important it is to really take notice of what we put in our bodies. I did not feel that Chris' method required excessive effort. I think we have to ask ourselves whether improved health and confidence in our appearance is worth a concerted effort, I think it is. In contemporary society, we are so consumed with "quick fixes", what's wrong with putting forth a little effort toward self- improvement?
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I bought the book and did what it says and in three days I saw positive results. The inflammed places started getting less inflammed and only a couple of new zits appeared which according to the book is normal. I wouldn't say that it will be the best 3 days of your life but go ahead and try it. It will be the oddest thing you ever did!
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Facts about Acne Free in 3 Days:

Author: Chris Gibson
Ebook format: pdf file
Delivery: you can download the pdf ebook online after payment
Price: $34.95
Money back guarantee: 60 days 100% refund
Contact details:
Universal Marketing Media, Inc.
190 Howard St., Suite 400
Franklin, PA 16323
Phone: 1-800-441-6315 - USA Only / 1-814-347-0246 - International

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