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There are a number of prescribed medicines and ointments for acne, but if we don’t have time to consult a doctor yet and the acne problem persists, then we should rely on these reviews of the most famous acne treatments:

One of the most famous treatments is the ProActiv solution. This is heavily advertised as one of the most effective pimple-clearing creams and are known to have dramatic effects on the skin. This brand has a simple three-step solution to fight bacteria and reduce blemishes to help keep the skin clear and supple. The treatment also caters to almost every skin type which can help us decide which one to use. The dermatologists who came up with this treatment are also trained well and used to suffer from the annoying acne so they treat from experience.

Another effective treatment is Panoxyl which is made of 10% benzoyl peroxide gel. This simple gel consists of the ingredients which are very powerful in fighting away dirt including those that produce oil and trigger blackheads. Upon using overnight, this product can flatten pimples within 24 hours. The product, however, doesn’t guarantee that it won’t leave blemishes of the pimple.

The last effective pimple treatment is Clearasil Ultra which claims that it “vanishes” the pimple in an instant.

A word of advice before using these products: make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. Allergies are more dangerous and harder to cure so take heed. The acne ointments should also be used in moderation to prevent the burning of the skin.

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