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Since it's inception in 1953, tetracycline has been widely used as an antibiotic and is sometimes the first used acne antibiotic for patient care. It is the least expensive, but does offer it's own list of potential side effects.

Acne Tetracycline is thought to show as much as 25% in acne improvement each month. The first sign of results stemming from the use of acne Tetracycline is fewer new acne lesions. As the acne condition improves, the dosage of acne Tetracycline can be decreased. An exact dosage recommendation will be provided by a physician at the time a prescription is written.

Acne Tetracycline is generally recommended to be taken on an empty stomach, which is defined as being anywhere from 30 minutes prior to or 2 hours following a meal. It should not be used in conjunction with milk or antacids, but rather with a large glass of water to prevent the acne Tetracycline from becoming lodged in the esophagus. Individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills should inform their physician and request a possible alternate form of treatment.

Among the potential side effects associated with acne Tetracycline is sensitivity to the sun, pigmentation of the mouth and teeth, stomach irritation, etc. In some cases, teeth stains and impaired skeletal growth have been noted. Often, a headache, vomiting, double vision and nausea have been reported. If these conditions are experienced during the use of acne tetracycline, the patient should discontinue use and consult a physician for further instructions.

Certain individuals, such as women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant, children under the age of 11 or mother's who are breast feeding should not use acne Tetracycline. It is important that you let your physician know of any other medications, either prescription or over the counter, that you currently use. In addition, you should inform him/her of any past or present medical condition, which may affect your ability to handle other medications. Upon an assessment, your physician will recommend a dosage, along with instructions for use.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice regarding the use or recommendation of acne Tetracycline. Prior to beginning any treatment regimen, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor or dermatologist for advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual situation.

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